Monday, 17 April 2017

Keep on Studying and Learning

Actors are artists. Just like painters, sculptors, writers, and poets are artists. Artists are also passionate. Intensely passionate. They absolutely love their art and they’re most happy when they’re doing their art. For some, it’s the only time they’re happy. Artists pursue their craft intensely. Even when people protest their actions. Even when people tell them that they’ll never do any good. The artist’s dream is success and recognition. And, for the actor, a successful professional acting career means landing roles and performing them well.

Landing roles and doing them well…well, doesn’t usually happen right away or very easily. An actor has appeal to casting directors. To do that, an actor has to develop their talent. And, that takes work.

The Business of Acting

To land roles, an actor also has to try to get an agent to sign them and book and schedule auditions, and then prepare for those auditions. That’s the business part of acting. And, it takes work, too.

Love and Passion

An artist’s love and passion for their art keeps them striving to land roles and perform well. It helps them succeed. And, when the actor is working, they’re happy. But, when they’re not working….well, those days are dark.

The dark days usually come in waves and stretches. It’ll seem like months where there are no roles for which the actor to apply and/or months where the actor is continually rejected. And, they happen to everyone. Even to the best actors. Even to Academy Award winning actors. It’s part of life. Even people who aren’t actors have their own dark days.

Sometimes those dark days wear down an actor and make them question their dream. But, the actor cannot let that happen. They must keep their love and passion for acting alive during those dark days. It’s absolutely vital.

There’s a positive way to spend the dark days. Not only does this approach keep the passion and dream alive, it helps the actor improve their skills, too. It’s acting coaching.

Rod Rowland

Rod Rowland is a highly successful actor. He’s appeared in over 100 television series and movies, including NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS Los Angeles, The Mentalist, CSI: Miami, The Closer, Cold Case, and Weeds, just to name a few.

Rod had dark times himself, too. But, he kept on working on his craft. He put aside the business pressure and focused on the love and passion he had for acting. It kept away all his doubts and uncertainties and kept him energized.

During his early years, however, he wasted time and money on the wrong kinds of acting teachers and coaches. He just didn’t have anyone to show him the proper way or help him figure out who could properly help him. He, therefore, created his own technique that he currently uses and which now brings him ongoing success.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Rod wants to help aspiring actors keep their love and passion alive during those dark times (as well as great times, too). He wants to help aspiring actors perfect their art and receive training from a coach who truly knows how to succeed and who truly wants them to succeed. He does not want them wasting their time and money.

Rod offers private, on-one-one acting coaching that are beginner friendly and use personalized exercises and drills. He’s lessons bring forth and perfect the actor’s love and passion shows the actor how to reveal it to the casting director and also how to add it to scenes.

Ninety percent of the students who consistently complete Rod’s advanced packages have gone on to find agents and land roles. While Rod cannot guarantee success in every case, the actor’s odds are good if they bring dedication and consistency to the training.

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