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In 1997 Rod Rowland was cast in the X-Files. In an interview around that time, Rod explained that he played an on-the-edge, depressed killer that heard voices from a tattoo on his arm. Rod added that he also wanted fans to sympathize with his character. His goals were to portray the character realistically and to “nail” the scenes.

Actors rarely talk like that in interviews. They mostly discuss the overall project or simply respond to the interviewer’s questions. Not Rod. Rod’s focus was on developing the character, making him authentic, and delivering a great performance. Once again, that’s rare.

Rod Rowling Coaching

Most actors follow the script as written and all of them usually perform the character the exact same way. Casting directors, however, are seeking something unique. And, that’s something Rod has been perfecting his entire career. It’s how he’s been so successful. It’s helped him appear in over 100 television series and films, including The Mentalist, Burn Notice, NCIS Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, Longmire, and Those Who Kill, just to name a few.

When Rod first started out, he sought guidance, but his acting teachers were themselves actors who only landed one or two roles at best. Most meant well, but tried to teach obsolete techniques even they didn’t comprehend and were never able to successfully use. And, unfortunately, that’s usually the kind of instructors who teach in most Hollywood acting schools.

As time passed, Rod created and developed his technique, and when he finally perfected it, his career path suddenly and drastically changed for the better. And, now, because he understands the frustration and loss of resources that so many aspiring actors face, he wants to help teach them all he has learned. The difference with Rod is that he is a highly successful actor who is still currently working. His techniques are current, comprehensible, and self-proven. And, his motivation is to help others.

How Rod Teaches

Rod teaches privately and one-on-one, through sessions that are customized to each actor’s strengths, weaknesses, type, and age. Rod conducts lessons live, at his North Hollywood studio. No problem, however, if you reside elsewhere, as he also conducts online acting classes and skype acting classes.

Most of the students who have completed Rod’s advanced packages now have agents and flourishing acting careers. While Rod cannot specifically guarantee success, he can say that your odds can only increase as long as you consistently commit to your training and dedicate all of your energy.

At least just imagine reading lines with and learning from a veteran actor. Twelve one-hour sessions with Rod is equal to years of study with the highest quality acting school and weeks of workshops with casting directors.

It’s time to stop throwing away your money and wasting time. Contact Rod today.

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