Monday, 27 March 2017

Selecting a Professional Acting Coach and/or Teacher

Of course a few actors achieve success without any kind of formal education or professional actors classes or professional acting coaching. There are always a few exceptions to the standard rules. But, training and coaching, especially in the field of professional acting, is usually a must. The individual attempting to break into acting not only needs to perfect their craft, they also need to understand the business.

Many universities and colleges offer terrific programs, yet there is a difference between the theoretical world of acting and what actually goes on. This doesn’t mean that an academic program isn’t helpful – it is, but not all aspiring actors have the resources or time to attend college. And, even those who receive degrees in acting additionally seek acting coaches and teachers once they are in the actual world of acting.

There are also chains that offer modeling and acting lessons and insist that said lessons and a stack of expensive photos guarantee instantaneous fame. Please be aware of such businesses. They prey on the eager and overly proud parents, and have no problem taking thousands of dollars from those who probably spent years saving up such funds.

How to Select an Acting Coach and/or Teacher

A good acting coach and/or teacher is usually someone who, naturally, has acting experience. But, even the best, most experienced actors know that they, too, need to go on honing their own skills and mastering their own techniques. A good coach and/or teacher knows there is always going to be a lot more to learn and that the experienced are the best ones to pass on their knowledge to the new ones. Helping others doesn’t hurt their feelings or damage their egos, seeing them achieve success satisfies and fulfills them.

The good acting coach and/or teacher recognizes that there are people claiming to know how to train actors who never once acted professionally or who failed in the acting world. Such individuals most probably frustrated and wasted the good acting coach and/or teacher’s time and money. Such is probably why the good acting coach and/or teacher decided to become a coach and/or teacher.

A good acting coach and/or teacher also has acting and teaching experience and proven results.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Because Rod Rowland spent years frustrated by those who claimed to be professional coaches and teachers, but were really failed actors and those who didn’t know the business, he decided to help other actors avoid such people and show them how to achieve the success he spent years learning how to attain. He refuses to let aspiring actors spend money needlessly or be preyed upon by those who’d take advantage of them.

Rod has appeared in over sixty television series and films, including Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, X-Files, American Horror Story, NCIS, and NCIS New Orleans, just to name a few. He knows what it takes to succeed in the real world of acting and is eager to pass on his knowledge.

His sessions and professional actors classes will show you how to portray characters and roles in ways you never imagined and open up opportunities you never thought possible. Solid agents have signed ninety percent the students that complete his advanced sessions and they now have great careers. Of course no one can guarantee success, but Rod can tailor his professional actors classes to your needs and, as long as you bring your passion and dedication, your odds of achieving your dreams are darn good.

Online Acting Coaching

Rod also provides professional acting coaching online via Facetime and Skype.
See his website at: for more information.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Online Acting Classes and Coaching

For every successful actor, there are thousands of others struggling. Acting isn’t like other careers, where the path to success is clear, easily understood, and basically guaranteed. For example, we all basically know that if a person wanted to be a successful accountant, they need to attend college and major in accounting, study hard and get goods grades, secure a job after graduation, and work diligently. Other careers are essentially similar – teaching, nursing, medical technology, hairstyling, etc. Acting, however, is completely different.

Someone hoping to just earn a living as an actor could attend one of the best college acting programs or acting schools, earn the highest grades, receive rave reviews from teachers and peers, and even be cast in a few movies, television programs, and theater productions, but still not be able to support themself with what they earn through acting. Yet, another individual who never took one acting class could conceivably become the next Academy Award winning actor.

Unfortunately, too, many acting teachers are failed actors or people who never acted before. Such individuals have never stood before a room full of strangers and had to pour out their emotions for a dramatic audition, have never been asked to memorize an entire page of lines in mere minutes, or have never had to hide their heartbreak when they’re interrupted and abruptly dismissed.

Of course some prosper through luck and from being in the right place at the right time. Realistically, though, many credit their achievements to training by someone who had already attained success. Such an individual provided them with valuable inside secrets and offered them with the actual tools they needed to reach their goals.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Actor Rod Rowling, a highly successful actor who’s appeared on dozens of television series and films, including Greys Anatomy, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, “Castle, and American Horror Story, just to name a few, spent years trying to learn from the wrong individuals and striving to get good roles. He empathizes with struggling actors and now wants to help them achieve the success they deserve.


Through his website (, you can schedule online acting classes, where from your home, office, or wherever you like, privately, online, you can learn to deliver powerful performances, be it at an audition, on set, or on stage.

While success can never be guaranteed, agents have signed many of Rod’s students and they have gone on to enjoy thriving careers.

As well, you can book online acting coaches and receive private coaching.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Achieve Success in Your Professional Acting Career

Put the term “Hollywood Acting schools” into an Internet search engine and you’ll get over 2 million results. Using quotes to narrow down the selections still gives you over 4,300 choices of acting schools, universities, classes, workshops, in California, as well as New York and in several states in between. If you’re looking to begin a professional acting career and wish to seek training, which do you choose and where do you go? All of them, of course, claim to be the best and produce the most results.

Actor Rod Rowland spent his twenties trying to find the right the right trainers, but instead, wasted time trusting those who simply called themselves experts. Their pompous manners and useless techniques never helped him win auditions and he actually felt as though he never trained at all. He just wasted his time and money. Even after he secured a few roles, he remained unsure of what he needed to do on-set.

Fortunately, Rod went on to attain more roles and has since appeared in over sixty television series and films, including Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, American Horror Story, Weeds, Cold Case, NCIS, and NCIS New Orleans, just to name a few. He never forgot, though, the struggles he endured, the time and money he wasted, and the overwhelming frustration and uncertainty. He empathized deeply with actors still trying to attain their goals and wanted to give them the skills and tools he learned.

Rod’s private acting sessions, which you can take online, through Facetime, or Skype, will help you develop your acting talent and allow you to deliver proficient, dynamic performances, whether it’s for an audition, on-set, or on stage. Through Ron, you will amaze directors with your ability to take direction and remain in constant demand. Because Ron knows exactly what to do, he will show you exactly what to do.

Rod’s techniques also help you memorize lines, breakdown characters, and effectively rehearse. His methods are unique and taught only by him.

Solid agents have signed a majority of Rod’s students and they have gone on to enjoy thriving acting careers. While success cannot be guaranteed, the odds are pretty good with Rod! If you bring your commitment, energy, dedication, and consistency, he’ll tailor your sessions to your needs and place you on the path to acting success.

See his website at:

Online Acting Coaching

Rod also offers online Coaching, also through Facetime or Skype.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Keeping Acting and Audition Skills Solid

acting courses in California

The aspiring actor hoping to make it in Hollywood, the land of television and movies, has a host of acting courses in California from which to choose. Within the thousands, there are probably a few that are decent.

A hopeful actor always needs training and coaching to refine their technique and keep their skills solid. That’s always understood. The one major area an actor always needs to focus upon is the audition. An actor must keep their audition skills sharp. And, acting courses and coaching are the best ways to achieve that. But, just any acting courses or any coach won’t do. You need to seek out the top players and the most experienced.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Rod spent a great deal of time during his early career trying to learn from people who claimed to be acting coaches and teachers, but who were really failed actors and individuals who didn’t know the business or the craft. Such people left him feeling frustrated and as though he wasted a great deal of time and money. When he finally achieved acting success and learned the business of acting, he decided to teach others how to avoid wasting precious time and money and provide them with the skills and tools that took him years to acquire.

Rod has appeared in over sixty television series and films, including Castle, Cold Case, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, and Grey’s Anatomy, just to name a few. And, now he wants to show you how he achieved his dreams.

Through Rod’s private acting sessions and acting courses in California, which you can take online, he will guide you, step-by-step, through custom made exercises and drills, how to make it in the acting world.

You will learn how to breakdown characters, take direction, thrill casting directors, memorize lines, and prepare for auditions that will consistently place you in the top five percent of your competition.
Of course no one can guarantee success, but if you dedicate yourself to Rod’s program and bring your energy and enthusiasm, you will have the best chance. Solid agents have signed most of the students who’ve completed Rod’s advanced classes and they are already enjoying successful acting careers.

Online Acting Coaching

acting class in North Hollywood

Rod’s conducts his coaching and acting class in North Hollywood, but such is not an issue, as he teaches and coaches via Facetime and Skype. So, you can stay wherever you are, be it New York, LA, or even Philadelphia and receive the best acting courses in California, and, should you decide, arrive in Hollywood ready to begin a successful career.

See Rod’s website at: for more information.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Finding an Acting Teacher and Scheduling Classes

Good Acting Teachers

Good acting teachers aren’t necessarily found at colleges and one doesn’t always have to go to college to receive excellent acting training. Not that there aren’t great college acting programs – there are plenty and a lot of terrific actors have graduated from such schools. But, not every aspiring actor has the time or resources to attend such schools. Or, perhaps an actor who graduated college would like additional training. One can never receive too much education.

acting teachers

A good acting teacher will have experience in both the business and craft of acting. They will teach out of inspiration and the desire to reach out to those who are going through what they once experienced. They seek to teach by their own example and also want to coach and inspire. They see the success of their students, not as a threat, but as achievement. And, such is rare in the sensitive, competitive acting world.

coaching for actors

Good acting teachers don’t coddle and build false hopes. Rather, they challenge, provide constructive feedback, and offer coaching for actors. They point their students in the right direction, show them what they need to work on and point out their strengths, as well as weaknesses, and give them the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Actor Rod Rowland has over sixty acting credits, which include appearances on Secrets and Lies, Castle, Greys Anatomy, The Mentalist, American Horror Story, Criminal Minds,just to name a few.

Rodepitomizes the good acting teacher. He has experienced the same struggles every aspiring actor has endured and is extremely experienced with both the business end and with acting techniques. He genuinely wants talented actors to triumph. Rodwill challenge you, direct you, and help you understand what you need to do in order to succeed. Because he has achieved his goals, he will show you what you need to do to achieve yours.

A few sessions with Rod are like years in the best acting schools and workshops with the best directors. His lessons are private and modified to your strengths and weaknesses.You will be able to easily use the tools and skills he provides whenever the opportunity arises.

Friday, 3 March 2017

The Audition

Most actors hate auditioning. Really hate it. And, for good reason. It’s an extremely stressful act of desperation, performed in front of apathetic strangers. The actor puts all they have into their performance, pour out their emotions, and compete against a group of others just like them, some of whom may even be close friends, for one single opportunity, and prays with all they have they did well and were liked. When they’re through, the strangers, without a word about their performance and without making eye contact, wave them away, and say nothing about their acting. 

Online Acting Classes
Once home, the actor analyzes every single second they spent in the audition room and sees every moment as an error and continually berates themselves as they anxiously wait for the phone to ring and/or search emails for a response, all the while still praying it’s a positive and that they were liked. If it’s a positive response, they’re euphoric. They’ve succeeded. They’re loved. But, if it’s negative – there’s never an explanation – just a cold-hearted, essential, “we reject you” that when read, feels like a punch in the stomach. The evil rejecter provides no reason and offers no advice. The actor then instantly doubts their talent, future, and abilities.

And, then there’s the next audition. Oy vey.

How an Acting Coach Can Help

Acting Coaching

Acting Coaches understand the pain and fear actors have regarding auditions. Because they currently work in the field or once did, they know for what casting directors and agents are looking. Some even went through many auditions themselves. 

Online Acting Classes provide that many talented actors are fundamentally unprepared for auditions and just need training in order to land more roles. 

The Acting Coach, in a one-on-one setting with the actor, can:

• help an actor understand what to expect at auditions.
• help an actor determine what might happen at a particular audition.
• teach an actor relaxation techniques.
• breakdown audition materials and help an actor give more character to a potential role.
• run audition lines with an actor and improve their performance.
• help actor select the best headshot and prepare their resume.

Level of Experience Doesn’t Matter

Acting coaches tailor their sessions to meet the needs of the individual actor, so even the experienced actor can benefit from their experience and advise. They have to audition, too. 

While no one can guarantee success, preparation always increases the chance of success. An Acting Coach prepares the actor for auditions and, therefore, boosts their chances of being cast.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Private Acting Coaching

Acting depends on building relationships and developing chemistry. Acting Coaches frequently help actors accomplish these objectives on sets, at theaters, and through workshops. The Acting Coach helps actors improve individual their skills and performances both for particular roles and projects and overall for their careers.

There are times, however, when a Private Acting Coaching is more appropriate for an actor. Private acting coaching is a one-on-one session with an Acting Coach. The goals remain the same – improvement of skills for particular roles and overall for careers.

What Does Private Acting Coaching Involve?

The Private Acting Coach often:
• works with an actor get ready for an audition.
• helps an actor select a monologue for auditions.
• offers an actor advise on selecting headshots and preparing resumes.
• helps an actor prepare to act in a role in which they were cast.
• provides advise on memorizing lines.
• runs lines with an actor.
• offers career guidance.
• comes to the theater or set to provide assistance and guidance.
• teaches relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and voice projection.
• helps an actor develop depth and work on emotions.
• assist with developing timing.
• show an actor how to stand out and get noticed.
• teach an actor “the business.”

For Both the New and Experienced Actor

Private coaching is appropriate both the new and experienced actor. It can both improve an actor’s chances for success and change the direction of their career.