Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Keeping Acting and Audition Skills Solid

acting courses in California

The aspiring actor hoping to make it in Hollywood, the land of television and movies, has a host of acting courses in California from which to choose. Within the thousands, there are probably a few that are decent.

A hopeful actor always needs training and coaching to refine their technique and keep their skills solid. That’s always understood. The one major area an actor always needs to focus upon is the audition. An actor must keep their audition skills sharp. And, acting courses and coaching are the best ways to achieve that. But, just any acting courses or any coach won’t do. You need to seek out the top players and the most experienced.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Rod spent a great deal of time during his early career trying to learn from people who claimed to be acting coaches and teachers, but who were really failed actors and individuals who didn’t know the business or the craft. Such people left him feeling frustrated and as though he wasted a great deal of time and money. When he finally achieved acting success and learned the business of acting, he decided to teach others how to avoid wasting precious time and money and provide them with the skills and tools that took him years to acquire.

Rod has appeared in over sixty television series and films, including Castle, Cold Case, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, and Grey’s Anatomy, just to name a few. And, now he wants to show you how he achieved his dreams.

Through Rod’s private acting sessions and acting courses in California, which you can take online, he will guide you, step-by-step, through custom made exercises and drills, how to make it in the acting world.

You will learn how to breakdown characters, take direction, thrill casting directors, memorize lines, and prepare for auditions that will consistently place you in the top five percent of your competition.
Of course no one can guarantee success, but if you dedicate yourself to Rod’s program and bring your energy and enthusiasm, you will have the best chance. Solid agents have signed most of the students who’ve completed Rod’s advanced classes and they are already enjoying successful acting careers.

Online Acting Coaching

acting class in North Hollywood

Rod’s conducts his coaching and acting class in North Hollywood, but such is not an issue, as he teaches and coaches via Facetime and Skype. So, you can stay wherever you are, be it New York, LA, or even Philadelphia and receive the best acting courses in California, and, should you decide, arrive in Hollywood ready to begin a successful career.

See Rod’s website at: for more information.

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