Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Online Acting Classes and Coaching

For every successful actor, there are thousands of others struggling. Acting isn’t like other careers, where the path to success is clear, easily understood, and basically guaranteed. For example, we all basically know that if a person wanted to be a successful accountant, they need to attend college and major in accounting, study hard and get goods grades, secure a job after graduation, and work diligently. Other careers are essentially similar – teaching, nursing, medical technology, hairstyling, etc. Acting, however, is completely different.

Someone hoping to just earn a living as an actor could attend one of the best college acting programs or acting schools, earn the highest grades, receive rave reviews from teachers and peers, and even be cast in a few movies, television programs, and theater productions, but still not be able to support themself with what they earn through acting. Yet, another individual who never took one acting class could conceivably become the next Academy Award winning actor.

Unfortunately, too, many acting teachers are failed actors or people who never acted before. Such individuals have never stood before a room full of strangers and had to pour out their emotions for a dramatic audition, have never been asked to memorize an entire page of lines in mere minutes, or have never had to hide their heartbreak when they’re interrupted and abruptly dismissed.

Of course some prosper through luck and from being in the right place at the right time. Realistically, though, many credit their achievements to training by someone who had already attained success. Such an individual provided them with valuable inside secrets and offered them with the actual tools they needed to reach their goals.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Actor Rod Rowling, a highly successful actor who’s appeared on dozens of television series and films, including Greys Anatomy, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, “Castle, and American Horror Story, just to name a few, spent years trying to learn from the wrong individuals and striving to get good roles. He empathizes with struggling actors and now wants to help them achieve the success they deserve.


Through his website (, you can schedule online acting classes, where from your home, office, or wherever you like, privately, online, you can learn to deliver powerful performances, be it at an audition, on set, or on stage.

While success can never be guaranteed, agents have signed many of Rod’s students and they have gone on to enjoy thriving careers.

As well, you can book online acting coaches and receive private coaching.

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