Friday, 3 March 2017

The Audition

Most actors hate auditioning. Really hate it. And, for good reason. It’s an extremely stressful act of desperation, performed in front of apathetic strangers. The actor puts all they have into their performance, pour out their emotions, and compete against a group of others just like them, some of whom may even be close friends, for one single opportunity, and prays with all they have they did well and were liked. When they’re through, the strangers, without a word about their performance and without making eye contact, wave them away, and say nothing about their acting. 

Online Acting Classes
Once home, the actor analyzes every single second they spent in the audition room and sees every moment as an error and continually berates themselves as they anxiously wait for the phone to ring and/or search emails for a response, all the while still praying it’s a positive and that they were liked. If it’s a positive response, they’re euphoric. They’ve succeeded. They’re loved. But, if it’s negative – there’s never an explanation – just a cold-hearted, essential, “we reject you” that when read, feels like a punch in the stomach. The evil rejecter provides no reason and offers no advice. The actor then instantly doubts their talent, future, and abilities.

And, then there’s the next audition. Oy vey.

How an Acting Coach Can Help

Acting Coaching

Acting Coaches understand the pain and fear actors have regarding auditions. Because they currently work in the field or once did, they know for what casting directors and agents are looking. Some even went through many auditions themselves. 

Online Acting Classes provide that many talented actors are fundamentally unprepared for auditions and just need training in order to land more roles. 

The Acting Coach, in a one-on-one setting with the actor, can:

• help an actor understand what to expect at auditions.
• help an actor determine what might happen at a particular audition.
• teach an actor relaxation techniques.
• breakdown audition materials and help an actor give more character to a potential role.
• run audition lines with an actor and improve their performance.
• help actor select the best headshot and prepare their resume.

Level of Experience Doesn’t Matter

Acting coaches tailor their sessions to meet the needs of the individual actor, so even the experienced actor can benefit from their experience and advise. They have to audition, too. 

While no one can guarantee success, preparation always increases the chance of success. An Acting Coach prepares the actor for auditions and, therefore, boosts their chances of being cast.

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